Iowa Cornbred Cornbread Festival Des Moines, IA - July 27th, 2024

**Ensuring the safety of all attendees is our top priority. We have implemented comprehensive security measures, including trained staff, emergency response plans, and strict adherence to local safety regulations. We are committed to creating a secure and enjoyable environment for families to enjoy the festival safely.

It's Cornbread Season!

Cornbread season is the time of year where we’re focused on the future, where we’re intentional about the seeds we sow, and we are optimistic about what we will reap in the harvest season where everything culminates at the “Corn Bred Cornbread Festival” the last Saturday of July.

Join us as we celebrate  “Cornbread Fed Week” July 22nd-27th. All are welcome to be unapologetically corny. Whether you look forward to having fun, making memories’ or eating lots of cornbread, it’s important that you look forward with optimism, because Iowa’s best is yet to come.


Corn Bred Cornbread© is Iowa’s new, all inclusive, initiative designed for Iowans by Iowans. It celebrates Iowa’s diverse culture and success. Historically, Iowa has been branded as “The Corn State”, with pork and insurance being its top exports. Corn Bred Cornbread’s mission is to rebrand Iowa as “The Cornbread State”. Its goal is to bridge Iowa’s rural and urban cultures into one Iowa culture by promoting Iowa’s history, talent, food, and attractions. Ultimately uniting all were born in the corn – Corn Bred.

Are You Cornbread Certified?

Cornbred Cornbread aims to celebrate Iowans and Iowa businesses who have made a positive impact on the state by bestowing them the honorary title of “Cornbread Certified”. With the award you will be recognized as one of the notable beacons in the Iowa community and honored at Cornbread Events.

Do you or your business qualify to be “Cornbread Certified”? If so, please email for more information!

Requirements to be Cornbread Certified:

  • Live in, have grown up in, or (if business) be established in Iowa.
  • Contributed and/or currently serve your community.
  • Demonstrate Iowa Culture: Iowa Nice, Iowa Pride, Iowa Authentic
  • Can state your favorite kind of Cornbread.
  • Sponsor the Cornbread Festival.

Join us at the 2024 Iowa Cornbred Cornbread Festival!

The “Corn Bred Cornbread Festival” is a family friendly event that highlights the future of Iowa and promotes “1IOWACULTURE”. It is inspired, designed and lead by Youth who were born in the corn and are ready to mix it up with a week of special events that are consistent with a healthy and prosperous future in their fields of dreams.



DATE: JULY 27TH, 2024
TIME: 10AM – 7PM

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If you like what you see then let's make some CornBread!